The Forensic Asylum Program at Denver Health offers the following services:

Forensic Medical and Mental Health Evaluations: Volunteer clinician evaluators provide trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive objective evaluations, which document medical and mental health evidence of trauma. The volunteer evaluators then prepare a report/affidavit, describing the level of consistency between the person's history and evaluation findings. The evaluations last between 2-4 hours and take place at both Denver Health and at the GEO/ICE Detention Center in Aurora.

Legal partners may request forensic medical and mental health evaluations for individuals seeking any of the following forms of immigration relief: Asylum, T-Visa, U-Visa, SIJV, Protection under CAT, Cancellation of Removal

Humanitarian Letters: 1-page letters that are written based off of a review of existing medical records. Humanitarian letters may be used to support requests for client release from detention on medical/mental health grounds. The letters may also be used to support other case needs that only require a review of existing medical records. Humanitarian Letters are primarily written by physician residents at CU School of Medicine and signed by an attending physician.  

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